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All work is done by students under the supervision of a Licensed Instructor.

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Welcome Veterans!

GI-Bill ® participants are encouraged to enroll in a promising career. WCBI is approved through the VA as a training program. Add a promising career to your skills. WCBI offer flexible schedules to meet you needs. Also you can start immediately. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Give the school a call to schedule…
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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment for Advanced Students To consider placing a student in an advanced learning status in the course; the instructor will have you provide particular learning techniques: - Scissors over comb techniques - Clippers over comb - Blending - Fine finishing - Using the cut razor The instructor will then grade you upon your…
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Our Brochure

York's Barber School of pure elegance is now available! Students at W.C.B.I will participate in discussions and activities designed to blend theoretical and practical skills. They will also learn how to skillfully perform men's haircuts, hair coloring and lightening, barbershop management, shaving and facials. W.C.B.I will provide valuable experiences to the students to enhance a…
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