Teacher Program

Course Highlights:


General Education (Vocabulary Development) 200 Hours

Human Relations/Motivation
Principals of Barbering
School Management
PA State board of Barber Laws and Rules

• Establishing the principals of understanding, the characteristics of general education withing these areas.
• Being able to relate, understand and express to the students.

Practice Teaching and demonstrations techniques (300 hours)

Permanent waves and chemicals (50 hours)
Hairpieces (10 hours)
Color (15 hours)
Shaving (100 hours)
Facials (50 hours)
Shampooing (25 hours)
Haircutting (50 hours)

• Being able to demonstrate and educate the student to a degree he/she will understand

Teacher Program Total Training Hours 1250


It defines the amount of time a student spends in educational or training activities the number of clock hours required of a student is based on individual state requirements.


We numbered all our programs in the order the curriculum outlines were created.

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