Ownership, Licensure and Accreditation

World A Cuts Barber Institute is 100% owned by Patrick Winter. The school is located at 121 N. George Street York, PA 17403. The school phone number is (717) 846-8711 World A Cuts Barber Institute is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Professional & Occupational Affairs, located at P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105. The Phone number is (717(783-3402.

World A Cuts Barber Institute is currently fully accredited with the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Science (NACCAS) located at 3015 Colvin Street, in Alexandria, VA 22314. The phone number is (703) 600-7600. www.naccas.org. current licenses and certifications may be reviewed at the school during regular business hours. Please contact the school director during normal business hours to schedule and appointment to review certification and/or to obtain consumer information regarding the institution.


World A Cuts Barber Institute opened for business in February 2007. When barber Patrick Winter couldn't find skilled barbers from his community, he did what any savvy entrepreneur would and opened a barber institute where he can train potential berbars and share his unique "New Style" of barbering techniques and assist them in obtaining gainful employment.

Facility & Equipment

World A Cuts Barber Institute is a state of the art facility consisting of a reception area and clinic floor with barber stations, a shampoo area, a classroom, locker room, lunch area and admisistrative office with storage area

Mission Statement

World A Cuts Barber Institute's mission is one that empoweres the communit. we are a service business which is the core of the American Society. Our goal is to teach our students that service is the most valuable commodityin our business. at World A Cuts Barber Institute we are here to serve the student, the patrons and our community. we will develope knowledgeable and capable professionals for our industry. Responsibility and corage will carry you far in this industry; World A Cuts Barber Institute will enforce both of these attributes. Commitment to our clients, loyalty to your profession, and perseverance in the workplace makes a successful barber professional, these are things we stress at World A Cuts Barber Institute.

Our Benefits

With over 25 years experience in Barbering and styling coupled with tomorrows technology, WCBI has harvested the skills and technologies needed for students to outline their future.

Learn while you train. We've moved beyond just manikins by setting up an unlimited supply of real customers from the local community to be your personal training partner.

You will never be alone during the learning process as our instructors are always on hand to supervise your work. While cutting hair on real world customers we will be right there with you step by step.