Admissions Overview

Students are required to be goal oriented and driven to be successful within the field of barbering. They must be able to utilize the skills taught by instructors and implement this knowledge in the field. Candidates are thoroughly screened and tested to determine their capabilities and career potential, desire to complete the course and work in the field.Individuals wishing to enter the school must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for acceptance: A high school diploma/GED/transcript, a social security card, a current driver license/State ID and a current passport or birth certificate.

Try to have your application and admissions in the Admissions Office before your appointment, bring all necessary documents to complete the process. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines in order to coordinate your enrollment as efficiently as possible. Once all these requirements are completed, the school will inform the applicant of their acceptance.

Credit will be given from other schools if the school is teaching a full and complete program. All hours and services must be transferred from the prior school.

The actual amount of credit that a student can receive will depend on the student'sā€™ ability to perform practical work and his/her theoretical knowledge.

Determination is made through an examination and left to the discretion of the Director. World A Cuts Barber Institute does not guarantee that other institutions will give full credit for the hours of instruction completed in our school. However, World A Cuts Barber Institute will give full credit for our hours, if you previously were enrolled in World A Cuts Barber Institute. Also, it will be $150.00 re-entry fee.

Training is offered to all on an equal basis, regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, and nationality and ethnic origin.

According to the State of Pennsylvania each student must complete 1250 hours which include both classroom and practical training. Over a period of nine months, each student will have the opportunity to devote one hour per day to Theory Lecture and at least five hours for Practical training.


Steps to Apply for Admission at WORLD A CUTS BARBER INSTITUTE

1. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE the application.

2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE the required documents form.

3. MAIL copy of high school transcript.

4. Visa Information

5. $25 application fee.